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New computer randomly restarts or freezes.

Win 7 crashes with strange noise

Bsod and Freezing

2 Clean Installs - Still crashes in sleep mode

Boot time getting slow. hangs on hibernation and sleep mode

Computer Freezes

Windows Freezes

Pc freezes at random times

Freezing randomly when web browsing

PC randomly freezes

Windows freezing randomly. Is this a hardware problem?

Dell N7010 - BSOD Crash + Buzzing Noise

BSOD With computer freezes while surfing the internet

Computer freezing and unfreezing

windows stops working and reboots

PC locks up randomly so far when idle

Windows 7 Freezing - ongoing problem

Win 7 crashes and then reboots

Stall when computer screen comes back on

Need expert for difficult computer problem - random crash/lockups

System Freeze

Computer lags for 30 seconds then freezes while almost idle

PC freeze/lockup problem

PC Locks up randomly with hiss sound through speakers

Crashing Randomly after hardware upgrades

occasionally freezes + self restarts

Audio causes laptop to freeze

Pc freezing for a minute then ok - happening often 2different installs


PC randomly freezes and buzzes when running programs

Computer hung when idle.

System Freezes

Computer locks up when put to sleep

Random System freezing

BSOD & freezes every now and then

Random Freezes returning from sleep/hibernation

System Freeze: Only when I come back to computer

Computer randomly freezes

Having problems with system freezes.

7 freezes while browsing Internet

MY PC freeze after some time

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