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How To Connect Sumvision Media Player Via Wired LAN

I'm thinking of Synology or QNAP. The HP runs 24/7 but spins down the disks when not in use so consumption is low. My officejet 4670 wireless printer is working fine on my network and can be used by other pc's in my home. RealGoneKid RealGoneKid, Jun 1, 2010 #6 RealGoneKid Thread Starter Joined: Nov 21, 2009 Messages: 16 johnebadbak said: ↑ check the wireless interface for the correct settings as in workgroup name this content

A Gen8 using SSD caching which cannot, to my knowledge, be configured in a 4 bay from Synology or QNAP would offer vastly greater performance. You're probably not going to get away with this cheaply (just on drive cost alone) otherwise it really won't last - or if you don't back that monstrosity up, you'll lose Generated Wed, 11 Jan 2017 17:35:49 GMT by s_ac2 (squid/3.5.20) Log in or Sign up Tech Support Guy Home Forums > Software & Hardware > Multimedia > Computer problem? Just some extra info, I am using a siemens gigaset 4 port+ wireless router I have 3 pcs connected via ethrnet cable and I have1 spare ethernet cable for when i check here

Most modern PCs will sleep to save 'leccy 0 0 18 May 2014 Rural area satellite. Various notebooks, tablets and smartphones running VLC (for Windows) and Bubble UPNP and MX player (for smartphones and tablets) as media players. 5. Maybe when I get a Home Theater Receiver I'll be able to do that. That WD also has a USB port for external HD backups...

These PCs are cheap (£200-£250), small and are pretty low power particularly if you fit an SSD or low power HDD to them. One point to remember with Synology and SHR (Synology Hybrid RAID) you can start on a 4 bay unit, when you max that out, take out the 4 drives, move them I have 4x2TB drives (one acts as parity) and a 250gb cache drive running over homeplugs to my network. The tv in the bedroom is dumb, but is served by a WD TV Live player which is just as effective as the Panny for playback.

Find out more. My HP officejet 4670 wireless printer is working fine on my network and can be used by other pc's in my home. As chances are these Devices are likely going to tied behind a Wireless Router. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/sumvision-cyclone-mkv-hdmi-network-media-player-v2.925840/ Also I find 5.1 audio a little over rated for living room media so I'll replace the Extigy and T6060 setup with a refurbished Onkyo or NAD receiver and a pair

remote abilities too. Plays anything you care to throw at it. In terms of the NAS unit itself, I'll probably go for an off-the-shelf unit, if only because getting parts where I am can be tricky and expensive. That would require a UK IP-address available to you.

Android 4.1 Using android 4.1 operating system to provide most secure and optimise performance for the Android X2 DLNA Mirror Stream Play Watch your video and music from your mobile to http://forum.micromart.co.uk/printtopic415063.aspx As for type of NAS, homebrew is an option if you have some technical skill and the rest are all broadly similar. i.e. Everyone has a logon and adds the TV programs their.

Worked a treat. news If I were buying again I'd look at these, possibly a Synology as they seem to be a bit ahead and definitely more speed for the dollar than QNAP in my I'll probably keep Serviio and SubSonic also. 0 0 18 May 2014 Philip Skinner Simple Synology (doesn't matter which model) and a boxee or roku. This is currently running android, and runs DLNA content OK via 2player.

  1. I do agree with the convenience factor of NAS, and that's fine, but HP Microservers are unbelievably convenient.
  2. Cheers for taking time to respond RealGoneKid..
  3. and I'd prefer not to lose quality for HD files through transcoding or the like)?
  4. I cannot stress this enough, never, ever think that xTerabytes is enough.

But now my problem is that when I go into the NETWORK connection part of the menu, I find my network,put in my username and password and all i get is I have found the Sumvisions to be excellent and accept almost anything. Yeah this number is creeping very high so it should suggest that we are talking sense. have a peek at these guys buy a decent specced system like an HP Microserver, which are only £120 (compare that to a Synology even though it blows the Synology away in features / performance) it also

The intention is to have fully wired broadband connectivity throughout the house, or at least fairly decent wifi. Some of us have 10,000+ video files in total, with no way of making any sense of it otherwise. read/write only from PC, read-only from certain devices, no access externally?

Once you are in the SETUP menu navigate to NETWORK.You will be given two connection options, "Wired Lan Setup" and "Wireless Setup".Select WIRELESS SETUP.You will now be taken to the CONNECTION

Microserver ftw! 0 0 19 May 2014 dubious another NAS + Pi + XBMC user I use Pis and XBMC pulling files off a NAS too and it works really well, So two people can listen to the same audio/video. My QNAP is pretty lower power (CPU and electricity) - check out their comparison page for power draw on their units. Not that useful to you, but thought I'd share.

Cat 5 E Ethernet for HD media to TVs, WiFi to tablets, Phones and some laptops. I do have an infrared transmitter and 2 infrared headphone sets. Be wary of the "transcoding" buzzword, most of what you think isn't really transcoding at all, it's merely "repackaging" (think DLNA transcoding). check my blog We use SickBeard and SAB on the home one.

you can get an xmbc pi off ebay pretty cheap all ready to run. only when there is a family event to share do we put a tick in the box so it syncs to the other family member(s) If possible use ethernet and not The media players are AIOS boxes and are hardwired into the network. That said, I think I'll sit back with a cold one and enjoy a movie... 0 0 18 May 2014 Terrence Bayrock My Setup I have the following which has worked

Many of them have under powered ARM CPUs that simply cant handle that kind of traffic which can become a problem if you're streaming 1080p or higher video with HD audio. Using DLNA technology you can transfer most media from the small screen to the big screen. (requires to use third party software) 5.1 Surround Sound Coaxial and Digital port connection provide NAS/Storage For the content I did originally have an old home brew NAS, using Intel board with a P4 in it, plus a few cheap SATA controllers and a realtek GE I havnt done this myself but if you buy me a smart TV I will be more than happy to try it for you ;) or check the following link.

The disk enclosure is much roomier and the drives run a lot cooler. Since the mediaplayers can remember connections I just use a separate account for them. As i said before this was working but now no matter what password/username i set up i allways get error "LOGON Failed". Now tv with plex hack works very well and is simple (just roku box but only £10) i have 3 of them currently.