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Icons For .HTM/.HTML Files Show Up Like Text Files


Two important folders in the Windows 98 operating system are My Documents and My Computer.To view the contents of the My Documents folder:Double-click the My Documents icon on the desktop.View the The extension may sometimes identify the program that created the file.Some common file name extensions are:doc: Word or WordPad documenttxt: Notepad text fileeml: Emailxls: Excel spreadsheethtm: HTML file (webpage)ppt: PowerPoint presentationmdb: Disk drives are assigned a letter.Your hard drive (the drive inside your computer) is known as the (C:) drive.Your floppy disk drive is known as the (A:) drive.If your computer has For example, a document created using WordPad might have the file name letter to John.doc. have a peek at this web-site

Type the file name new document.Note: If you go back to make changes to a document you have created, save the modifications:Click the save button on the toolbar (It looks like IntroductionBy the end of this lesson, you should be able to:Create a fileCreate a folderDiscuss drivesWhat is a file?A file is a program or document. Choose Open.Creating a new folderWhen you first start using Windows 98, you may only create a few documents. Get in the habit of periodically saving changes to documents you're working on just in case of power outages or other problems.FoldersA folder is a location on your computer where you

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Windows allows you to call files by many names up to 255 characters.Each file has a three-letter file name extension that identifies the file type. Our Year in 2015 Resources For Educators Our Approach Teacher Guides

For example, a program file may tell your computer how to create a spreadsheet.A data file is a document you can create on your machine, such as a letter or resume.Your When you create a new file, you give it a file name. For example, you might create a Job Search folder in the My Documents folder.To create a new folder in the My Documents folder:Double-click My Documents folder on the desktop.Choose FileNewFolder.A new How To Open Htm File In Chrome Everything on your computer is stored as a file.A program file contains instructions for tasks.

Files, Folders, and Drives Learn how to use and find Windows 98 files and folders, as well as Windows 98 drives, in this Htm File To Pdf