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Random BSOD's at random times on new PC

Constant random BSOD

No audio at all

Can't transfer AppData to new computer

Navigating Explorer Creates External Hard Drive Activity (Disabled)

Screen goes white after 5 minutes of inactivity

Automatically open a created folder

removing get windows 10 notification

Wireless card driver update SLOWED my internet speed drastically

Not being discovered by other computers on network!

How to move documents off boot drive?

How to: Auto hide taskbar + Always Stay on top ?

How to control timing of Windows Updates

Multiple display with DVI and HDMI not working

Windows update fails + please wait on Get Windows 10 app

Windows screen flashes

BSOD's happening all the time.

Annoying dialog after a fresh install

Documents & Downloads folders in Win 10

laptop goes blank after 10 minutes of inactivity until use of mouse

Fan of laptop running at full speed even when not playing games

10-15Minutes Boot Loading Time Windows 7 32Bit (cluberti please help)

Various random BSODs w/ different causes

DVD/CD won't autorun

Windows Explorer Slow Sort

Problem using My Pictures sub-folders as desktop slideshow.

Turn on autoplay for camera card insertion?

problem is activating windows

how to make desktop shortcut from Start Menu?

Windows Backup keeps adding to the old backup file

Hibernation after Resuming from Hibernation ?

BSOD after upgrading my PC

Do not have the Get Windows 10 App

Make the Taskbar "Never combine

Windows 7 doesn't play Startup Sound?

Equalizer missing in Enhancements.

Wifi adapters (2) no longer working

multi boot linux problem

Freezing upon Win 7 Start up.

why cant I shrink this partition farther?

Chkdsk will not begin on reboot

All the video players have 'Stopped working'. Please help.

Application Experience causing my screen to random flash?

How roll back windows without reinstalling it.

How to remove a Homegroup

How do I prevent my PC from sleeping or hibernating?

BSOD after Windows Update this week; related?

issues after installing updates

Gadgets snap vertically

Taskbar transperancy

Mystify Screen saver background

login screen and date and time display

Latest realtek driver made my audio system sound terrible

BSoD on my Computer for 3 consecutive days

Stuck at startup after updating AHCI driver

Headset microphone not recording when headset is default audio device

How do I remove unwanted homegroup?

I HATE when windows restarts in middle of night

IE10 and inability to view Router stats

After updating Itunes. no USB ports work on the login screen.

Problem when upgrade my computer with tv card

Can windows un suported hardware damage machine

Problems With Updates to Office 2010

Installing the free Windows 10 to a VM?

Windows search - is it useless or is it just me ?

Is Win 10 Crap?

more SSD tuning issues.

Removing Hidden Files from Search or Reseting Search

Change the Installation Language

Troubleshooting BSOD Loop

Computer Crashing and Rebooting w/o BSOD

Windows 10 Upgrade Fails - 8007002C-4000D

BSOD System hangs when shutting down or restarting

Unable to share My Pictures Folder?

New to Windows

Message when I turn off the PC

Wiped & re-installed Win on Asus notebook - Win 7 Product Key blocked

Radeon 3300 HD Resolution Problems

Running a disc repair on a ssd


Laptop Sleep Problem

Computer doesn't shut down.

BSOD win7 pro 32bit

Homegroup/Networking access permissions

Folder from external drive into Public Library

Optimized folder templates - editing

Loss of wireless connectivity windows 7 HP 64-bit (after update)

Log into Windows with VPN then lock screen through phone

Explain W7 Key Purchases. Difference from store bought?

Windows 7 Installation SUPER SLOW on USB Flash Drive

How to make start menu transparent

No search available in 'moved' User folders - Bug?

kb2538242 says installed successfully

Repeated Events warning re something open in my registry file

Get rid of W10 nag screens Free program

Can sync calendar or send mail but not both

I did not receive Windows10 Notification.

Upgraded MUTE PC

Broadcom ethernet driver issue

Missing Favorites

Just got Windows 7

Waiting for Windows 7 Official Release .

problems with Windows install

Pitaschio desktop enchancement help

Default Laptop Lags Even With SSD?

How do I pin to the right side of the start menu?

Stop windows explorer remembering locations?

Recent Crashes w/ BSoD and reboots

Microsoft won't fix Windows 7 crash bug next week

Hovering over desktop icons autoselects several of them

BSOD while game

BSOD - Pool_Corruption etc.

cannot make it past windows is starting screen

Random BSOD crashes with different errors

Stop Power Options from being hidden

iTunes takes forever to load and then does not respond

Screen Flashing

Windows update log in problem

after reinstalling windows reclaim space

Windows Activation Failed Code: 0xC0000022

Duplicate Windows 7 key on two different hard drives.

BSOD problem - PC randomly crashed

Question about Drive Indexing and Windows Explorer Crash

Random 0x0000001e BSOD

Weird sound problem after changing from 32bit to 64bit

Failed Repair Update Install

A question about the Windows 7 Upgrade program

MS themselves do not have answer to update error

Assus PG221 Cam drivers pls Help me

Spilit recovery partition

here is a printer operational problem challenge.

Windows 7 Explorer Memory Issues

Chrome windows issue

Slow boot past few days. Help with trace please?

How to disable windows sound completely

WinKey and X Admin Menu Download

Start Menu: Custom Folder Menu

Radomly Frustrating BSOD needs to vanish :-)

After a windows update my headset isn't working.

upgrading to Windows 10 Tech Preview

BSOD and locks up still

Problem waking up computer from sleep

Homegroup - half working

Utorrent application causes BSOD

random freeze ups

Lots of Freezes and BSOD's (Please Help)

Windows Update screens corrupted.

Retails versions

taskbar not showing after waking from screensaver?

Sleep/Hibernation Problem

No volume slider in task bar when clicked - just black

The most mysterious 5.1 issue in W7.

Homegroup Stops working after a couple of Hours

I need to know how NOT to share programs and files between accounts

Windows 7 Taskbar Freezing

Start menu not working as it used to

Frequent freezes and various bsods

Weird problem in taskbar

Windows 10 Home & Pro

viewing a picture in "My Picture" folder.

Used to display Eastern Asian characters and now it doesn't?

Sound Through Two Devices

windows freeze on startup

please URGENT help for BSoD after clean installation

Crashes (freeze

Things do not work on Windows 7

How do I undo Homegroup to start a new?

memory usage looks abnormal

External USB 3.0 drive causing trouble in device manager.

Half-Open TCP Connections Limit

Changing the Win+Arrow Keys?

Windows install stalled

BSoD randomly during gameplay or web browsing or even Idle

BSOD During Gaming

Upgraded to W7. No sound. Creative Xfi card. Help!

ricoh networked printer drivers not available for win 7 pro - help

laptop freezes when the hidden symbols button on taskbar is clicked

can the name of a user account be changed

How do you deal with a crowded taskbar?

Tags on files

Windows Start Button Hover Issue

BSOD while browsing with Windows Explorer and using Flash

Random BSOD error 0x0000001e

Fonts in certain screens are squashed

Re-enabling profile disabled sound input

Can't record my line in sound

Failed startup "Winload.exe" 0x0000428

How do you set default wallpaper and screen saver for custom install?

Can't change application background with High contrast theme

Networking - Homegroup problems

windows logon sound not changing

Windows update client -reboots inconvenient timing

BSOD - No boot

Taskbar tooltip keeps on blinking

Installed Drivers & Now Have Problem

Shutting down Win 7 started taking 20-30 seconds

Solution to RAM useage

Sudden Slow PC Shutdown

Using Win 7 to REINSTALL OEM OS - Need Help ASAP!

Pro vs Home Premium - worth cost? And OEM?

Avira AntiVir 10 is Out

BSOD Randomly Crashing

Completely random but constant freezing and BSoD

Computer won't go to sleep

Autostart won't start a prog

Windows 7 has made fast Computer almost unusable

Enable libraries


PC Freeze or BSoD

Need your help. BSOD using Skype

Usbport.sys causes high DPC over time.

Windows 7 failed rollback/Install

D3D11.DLL error

Alienware laptop crashing every five minutes due to bad NT. HELP!

High memory Usage @ Idle

System Idle Process and TaskHost.exe hogging CPU performance

can I do away with the logon screen ?

Monitor crashes

Where are all my programs?

Subst a drive at startup

Dual Core CPU not detected in my computer properties

Regular Freezes and BSODs

Computer crashes randomly

windows 7 wont work due to failed dual boot with ubuntu

2.1 Stereo System - Using headphones ->volume is soft.

mouse and update

Transparent taskbar with non-transparent icons. Possible?

How do you suppress/hide shortcuts from Windows Explorer

Windows Aero Snap Problem

Hibernate not working

Want to Do a Fresh Installation.

Random BSOD today

Windows 10 upgrade without some Win 7 updates

Waking up machine with Task Scheduler

how do I get the top-most window to always grab focus?

BSOD caused by the hal.dll driver

Always Goes Into Sleep Mode At Shut Down

Advice wanted RE non TRIM SSD with Win 7

Windows 7 in bootcamp partition- won't start after being fine for year

Windows 10 installation notification and reservation on Windows 7?

missing user account

BSOD and computer freezing seemingly randomly

LAN network connection error

Random BSOD's and Laptop Freezes

Separate quick-launch icons on the taskbar with active windows.

Booting up never makes it to W7 logo screen?

Windows 7 Ethernet / Video card Issues

Digital Audio (S/PDIF) isn't playing sound.

Frequent BSOD at any time

Windows Update brings virus on PC?

Problem with Error 80240020

3/4GB of RAM being used while nothing is using it. Slow performance.

New Hardware Fresh Install

Computer loading very slow after windows update

Random restarts with no logical reason. Drivers and OS updates cmpt

Repeated BSOD at random times (gaming or just on the Internet)

Network-repair idiot-icon sought

Mouse Scroll Wheel stops working after installing Windows 7 Driver

compatibility mode with iTunes

Freezing issues and BSoD issues. Help please!

1080 Monitor Prob.

Why is Windows Backup so slow?

How to prevent "Windows Security" dialog box when using shared folders

Looking for system backup for dummies.

Tablet Input Panel--HATE Transparency

Win 7 12 GB verses 24 GB x64 bit

Rescue & Recovery Creating System_DRV Drive

How to control when updates are applied?

Pinned/frequent folders in taskbar

Random Freezing/BSOD

BSOD Randomly for over a year

BSOD Crash with PCTools software

Random Freezes NO BSOD

Can I Turn Off Homegroup?

Not enough disk space to upgrade install windows 7?

Computer or Control Panel shortcuts on taskbar

Windows install gone wrong

How can I make the taskbar not group similar programs?

window maximizes when it touches the top of the screen. :(

Searches in folder with general format - results in music format

PC freezing and random BSODs

Need to do a clean install but don't want to lose my programs

Acer Netbook 521 -- FLIES with 2GB RAM and W7 PRO

My laptop is having issues with Windows Updates.

MS OFFICE 2003 Pivot Table will not work with win 7

BSOD crashing randomly with use

Administrators forgot password for windows logon. No PW reset disk or

Help ks.sys BSOD error 0x0000003B

I dont see thumbnail preview pictures on taskbar.

Focus is being lost on current window and goes nowhere

Problem with windows activation

How do I display file paths when using Photos as a screen saver

I'm staying with WIN7 and not Win10

CMD tab completion stopped working

BSOD related to uTorrent

Can't Re-Enable Audio on Laptop

admin permission at every boot

Windows boot Menu

I got A problem When Playing and Doing things in my pc

sound driver problems!

How do MS updates sit on the HD

How to Play Sound Through 2 Speakers With 2 Cables

Windows Explorer is extremely slow

Network adapter help

10 minute hang-up after logging on

Files gone after installation

Unexplainable BSOD after recent update

Glow on taskbar buttons doesn't go away

RAID array isn't recognized?

Constant random blue screens.

my huge start menu

Installing Win 7 on a Win 8.1 pro laptop

Windows 7 doesn't see files on Vista external drive

smart audio stopped working

Network and Internet Problem

BSoD: random at startup and coming out of sleep - Files attatched

Computer context menu manage gives error

Constant BSOD's and program crashes while in use or idle

How can I Undo disabled clock in taskbar

Extremely slow-lots of issues-need help!

PC crash description. With event viewer logs

Win 10 TP messed up my win 7 need advice on where i'm at.

x64 Enterprise restarts overnight

The window I'm on goes off and I have to click on it again sometimes

Desktop enters a state of hibernation and doesn't turn back on

Wired Network Issue

No Wired Connection to PC

Two Sound Devices. So Two Audio Streams?

Disabled internal Mic/no audio devices installed

Windows Screen Flicker

Restore wds 7 taskbar .

laptop logs out when left for less than 1 minute

Toshiba laptop - other devices needs a driver

Flashing screen at startup

BSoD after installing ATI driver on my laptop

Freezing during regular use

My desktop is freaking out and my CPU spikes

Strange USB device issue

Had 2.1 detection via Optical out and lost it.

all programs work ?

Cannot start Win7 in AHCI mode when multiple drives are connected

Folders & documents on desktop missing after windows automatic update

Windows 7 upgrade led to loss off crispness & quality in browser text

HELP! Frequent BSOD's!

SyncToy Contribute issue

Windows 8 Downgrade: What I did. Now BT driver issue.

Laptop crashes after couple minutes. Multiple errors

How do I block Driver Software Installation?

retail or upgrade version?

BSOD constantly happening every 10 minutes

i disabled spekers in volume mixer

I am trying to shrink the volume size which contains the OS. win 7 64b

Upgrading to Professional

BSOD when reaching windows screen after attempted driver installation

Taskbar items disappearing!.

Removing DELL / Other OEM info from Windows 7 USB install drive

Removing the English US keyboard layout.

Mouse Hover Time reverting

remove windows border

Mouse opens a window

BSOD error 0x0000003B at random times

Recent items under Start Menu items

Photo Display Issue (Integrated Graphics)

BSOD with kernel error 41

Programs not compatible

How Did Microsoft Mess with my Computer

Two month with Seven 7000 x64. back to Vista and .

Apps Crash Computer will not boot up

nVidia issues & My not so smooth Window 7 experience.

Activation of Windows 10 (clean install) from a Windows 7 Pro edition

Unable to record sound

Hardware issue that can prevent all network connectivity?

Windows does not boot sometimes

where's Paint?

User account change

P5Q BSOD on Boot when installing Sound Driver on Win 7 X64

Think I may have messed up my registry!

Do you prefer the taskbar buttons combined or not combined?

BSOD and Computer Freezing Help!

Windows 10 and driver help please.

Homegroup won't stay connected.

Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10 Pro for older N450 Netbook?

Wake the PC from sleep/hibernation when power comes up

Windows 7 Wont recognize my microphone :(

Programs minimize when I adjust Volume

Physical memory suddenly fills up

Workgroup Name Cannot Match Username?

sb 0220 sound card does not work

BSOD after uninstalling some Windows updates - netio.sys DRIVER_IRQL_N

Realtek Microphone Problems

Upgrading Windows 7 in a Windows 10 World

OK i have a problem with my screen

Windows boot hangs

BSOD a month into new build (PLEX?)

Computer Stutters While Playing/Streaming Video or Gaming

why upgrade to 10?

Hp Monitor drivers not installing. Problems with Windows Update?

Windows Crash because of Utorrent

Login screen flickers after W7 updates - tablet

Logon Screen Password Box Help

I keep losing Windows

Win loads fine but none applications will load up.

Same "Recent Places" and "Recent Items" folder for everyone?

I screwed over the registry and wifi stopped working- help a newb out?

Touch pad hesitates 2 seconds after typing

invited to join a HomeGroup with no option to turn them down

Windows 10 upgrade reserved

Constant random BSoDs

Crash after failed application launches

Start menu editing question

TaDA! Windows updates again- So? How bad was it?

Error installing nVidia GeForce 7150M Display driver

Video of my installation problem.

Pin folders to StartMenu - right panel

Files in documents and downlaods mysteriously disappear

Bluescreen WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR hal.dll+37203 0x00000124

Constant freezing with seemingly no reason

help regarding toolbar in taskbar.

graphics card doesnt detect monitor correctly

Shut down options disappeared?

5.1 Codec for Windows Media Player on PC with two speakers?

Multiple BSOD/Freezing/Slowdown

Going to upgrade to 7 need advice

Windows 10 Is Coming Soon

How to get favorites back in Windows?

Taskbar Enhancer ?

Losing audio/sound driver every time a boot in

Prevent UAC elevation for a program requesting it

HP Photosmart2570 incompatibility

Random reboots for no reason

BSOD after attempted driver update; use of chrome trigger

Start-up and shut-down slow

Sleep Mode problems and more

How To Change Logon Screen Background Color (not wallpaper)?

Can I encrypt my user directory transparently?

Index files but keep them out of search?

random computer crashing (eventvwr report inside)

Random PC freezes 2

BSOD ntoskrnl.exe with 0x0000000a

Constant random BSOD errors

Intermittent sound on new installaton with new mobo

Why Explorer stops refreshing?

Desktop background won't rotate

Random BSOD. Can't figure out the cause.

Initial folder explorer being pinned to taskbar

Windows detects surround sound

Windows Crash Report Need Help

7GB of Error Reports?

Fresh install 2 days ago

weird weird graphic problem (3 screens setup)

Windows 7 x64 - 16 bit games - Dual boot XP

PC Restarting - No bsod

Looking for restriction software to prevent unwanted hard drive mods.

Combine taskbar windows

Taskbar disappearing start orb left behind

Windows explorer changing/taking focus +more

Changed hardware

critical battery sound volume level?

Acronis ti versus windows backup and restore

Headset is messed up.

Remove tcp ip patch !

BSOD after trying to restart because mouse hangs every 5-10 seconds.

chkdsk faster on defragmented hard disks?

Right Click menu uses the 'old' theme?

Freeze up BSOD

1upindustries Bins problem

[Help] Get Back Windows Explorer as File Manager

Pc Turns itself on after sleep and wake on lan not working.

64-bit worked before System Recovery

Best way to upgrade smoothly to Service Pack 1?

Random BSODs - Have a feeling its in the Graphics Card

BSOD: Various messages

Upgrade without losing everything?

Start Menu Seach Box

Random Freezing Began Suddenly

Boot time = 10 minutes (OS on SSD)

Dark startup and shutdown screens

Windows wont shut down !

OEM install/license connundrum

Strange Task Bar Problems Windows 7 Professional

UAC on highest setting stops prompting on certain programs?

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